Welcome to DC Fun and Games

DC Fun and Games is a brand new Australian small business founded in December 2014. We are based in Werribee, Victoria.

At the moment we are still at the set-up stage, but should be ready to operate in late January 2015.

We cater for schools, birthday parties and community events. Our goal is to give people the opportunity to participate in a variety of engaging and fun physical activities, suitable for all ages, led by qualified and experienced staff. These include:

Team building/challenges:
– Giant Earthball
– Parachute
– Co-op-a-walks
– Giant pick-up sticks
– Target Launcher
– Caterpillar straps

Relay races/competitions:
– Egg & Spoon
– Tug-o-War
– Three-legged race
– Sack races
– Pool Noodle Battle

Sports/Games (suitable for larger group rotations):
Bocce, Klop, Quoits, Bowling, Lawn Croquet, Totem Tennis, Football Handball, Giant Inflatable Bowling Ring Toss, Tornado, Frisbee

Silly Song Sessions
Our Silly Song Sessions are offered to Primary Schools and Pre-schools. They consist of a well-presented program of engaging and fun action songs to maximize student participation and embrace the joy of music.

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David Chalmers (B.Ed, Cert. IV Recreation)